RFID I Set of 12

RFID / NFC Blocking Holder in a set of 12 for credit cards, IDs and passports

WallTrust reliably protects your private data with inconspicuous DESIGN RFID & NFC protection holders. With label area to protect against confusion. The WallTrust credit card holders fit into all conventional wallet compartments. The OPTIMISED DESIGN without internal edges ensures trouble-free insertion into the holders.


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RFID & NFC Set of 12

Set of 12 WallTrust RFID & NFC shielded cases for all major credit cards and passports

RFID & NFC technologies demand responsible use of readable cards and passports. WalltTrust takes on this responsibility for you, protecting your passport, ID, credit card, bank card, EC card, and many other cards. 

RFID & NFC chips that allow contactless payment and reading of data can easily be read with simple readers. More and more cards and passports with RFID technology are coming into circulation, with and without people being aware of it. It is time to protect yourself from the increasing cases of data theft

The RFID/NFC protection material used by WallTrust protects your data from unauthorised and contactless reading. 


- TÜV-tested RFID & NFC protection technology for the 13.56MHz frequency against data theft
- Optimised design: No interior edges, so that cards can be smoothly inserted into the protection holders 
- Simple and discreet design 
- Writable check box for recognition 
- Perfect fit: super slim shape fits in wallet compartments
- Designed and tested in GERMANY
- Coated and water repellent

Contents of delivery

- 5 x protection holders for credit cards with a horizontal opening along the lengthwise edge
- 5 x protection holders for credit cards with opening along the short edge 
- 2 x passport protection holders 

Data sheet

SizePassgenau für Kreditkarten, Bankkarten, Ausweise und Reisepässe
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    Bullazo - RFID / NFC Blocking Holder in a set of 12 for credit cards, IDs and passports

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