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Screen Protector iPhone X with Privacy Screen

The full-screen protector with privacy filter made of tempered glass has a hardness grade of 9H and protects not only your privacy, but also your iPhone 10 from shocks and other impacts. As an iPhone X display protection, the SCREENPROTECT Privacy is the ideal complement to a backcover cover, such as our MENOR Classic iPhone X cover. Our conclusion: Protection that will pay off.


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Data sheet

HighlightPrivacy and display protection
ModelApple iPhone X
MaterialTempered glass
More DetailsHardness 9H
Length in mm138
Width in mm66
Heigth in mm5
SizePerfect Fit


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    Bullazo - Screen Protector iPhone X with Privacy Screen

    Apple iPhone 10 screen protector made of tempered glass with privacy screen

    -        Specially adapted to the iPhone X and its functions
    -        Form: The privacy screen covers the entire display and has rounded edges
    -        Material: Tempered glass and plastic protective film
    -        Hardness: 9H
    -        Dimensions: 13,8cm x B:6,6cm x H:0,05cm
    -        Weight: 20 gr

    Opaque and shatterproof glass for double protection

    The screen protector is equipped with a privacy filter and thus, it prevents unauthorized persons from viewing the display of your iPhone X. The film has a special design that only the direct user has a clear view on the display. From a different angle, only a dark surface and no content of the screen can be seen.

    The highest degree of hardness for maximized protection

    The screen protector protects your iPhone 10's display to the highest degree. The shatterproof glass has the a degree of hardness of level 9H, which makes it scratch-resistant and offers optimum protection for the screen against external influences such as shocks, impacts, and other violent or shock effects.

    Always a clear view on the display

    Shatterproof privacy glass is known for reducing the brightness of the display. Our privacy screen minimizes the loss of brightness in comparison to the competition and thus, it enables a clear view on the display for the user. Furthermore, the rounded shape of the protective film makes the icons, pictures etc. on the display even more vivid.

    No slipping, no bubbles, no protruding edges 

    The thin protector is precisely tailored to the iPhone 10 and does not restrict any functions of the iPhone X's front camera such as face recognition or touch characteristics. The screen protector covers the entire screen and blends perfectly with the iPhone's display, as the corners are slightly rounded no transition is noticeable.

    Simple installation with the aid of the assembly set

    The screen protector comes also with an assembly kit that includes a cleaning kit to clean the iPhone X from dust and grease before applying the film. Afterwards, the protector can be placed optimally on the display with the aid of the peel-off film. This guarantees a perfect fit and a long service life.  

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