BULLAZO Business and Lifestyle Accessories

Founded in Muenster in 2015, BULLAZO combines functionality and quality of high-quality business and lifestyle accessories in a timeless, simple design. With a new interpretation of classic business accessories, we design products that bring the modern lifestyle of determined, self-confident men and women from the heart of the Westphalian city to the world.

The Origin

BULLAZO was founded in May 2015 from the intention of our founder Matthias Vrieler. He was inspired by his grandfather's classic and elegant clothing style, which always places great value on stylish clothes and accessories - no matter what the occasion is. Matthias also found out, however, that a business dress code is prescribed in many professions, but rarely lived properly. Often it is even deposited on time at the end of the day.

He lacked timeless accessories that easily integrate the classic business look into his leisure time.

Since then, Matthias has been working on developing products that take up the classic style, but stand out from the conventional market through quality and functionality and are adapted to modern needs and future-oriented trends.

Together with co-founder Carina, who since August 2016 has devoted herself to business and product development as well as marketing with enthusiasm for a simple, modern look and a love of detail, and the cooperation with Münster students and companies, BULLAZO has gradually developed into an independent brand.

And today?

Today, the BULLAZO brand is reinterpreting classic business and lifestyle accessories in a minimalist manner with future-oriented functions.

Influenced by the interplay of forces between bulls and bears on the stock market, the bull is the trademark of BULLAZO and symbolizes strength, determination and energy. Characteristics that apply to both the BULLAZO brand and dynamic customers.

BULLAZO focuses on the combination of modern and traditional elements, thus combining classical and elegant products with modern and sophisticated design.

For people who do not want to choose between quality, functionality and style, BULLAZO ensures a stylish appearance.

No matter whether business, private or travelling

Our goal is to further develop the classic modern business look and adapt it to the needs of trendy, determined men and women through well thought-out and practical functions.

With a special attention to the small and fine details, our engraving option gives your new accessory a very individual and personal character. This makes a simple, classic accessory a unique companion - whether for business, leisure or travel!

Welcome to the BULLAZO family!


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