Amazon Beratung Service

Amazon service in Münster

There's a lot going on in Münster. Matthias Vrieler started with BULLAZO originally as a pure Amazon dealer. Today, in addition to Amazon, we also sell in our own online shop and build up our own brand world.

However, there is no doubt that Amazon is still one of the most important sales channels. Not only is the Amazon business model becoming more and more relevant for new brands, more and more existing companies are having to deal with the fact that their customers and competitors are moving more and more on the Amazon marketplace.

Do we have to act or not?

Many companies today are faced with this question. If you are not yet listed on Amazon, you can do a little self-test: search for your products on Google. We notice again and again that Amazon lands on the first places - with your products! Your middlemen and your competitors are not sleeping either. In an initial free consultation we will be happy to advise you whether Amazon is a suitable channel for your company and your products.

Please feel free to contact us.

Matthias Vrieler

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