RFID protection wallets and card cases

At BULLAZO we are in favour of new trends. Cashless and contactless payment methods are super practical and should make our life easier. But without proper RFID protection, we run a security risk. Therefore, since the end of 2016 all BULLAZO wallets, card cases and passport cases have been equipped with an integrated RFID / NFC protection blocker.

What is RFID and how am I affected?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - this is the technology that can read data from everyday cards such as bank cards, credit cards, health cards, but also from your identity card and passport. Practical for many applications, such as contactless payment, but how secure are your own data?

Even if you don't use it yet: in the meantime, almost all bank and credit cards as well as identification cards are equipped with the possibility of contactless readout (e. g. for contactless payment). A relief in everyday life, but also a security vulnerability used more and more frequently by data thieves.

For more information on RFID and NFC technology, please visit our blog and our partner WallTrust. com


In order to relieve you of the risks associated with data theft, we at BULLAZO have taken on responsibility. Since the end of 2016, we have been integrating an invisible RFID & NFC protection into all our payment and ID-related leather classics. We rely on the RFID & NFC protection of the WallTrust brand and implement a wafer-thin material that blocks RFID & NFC beams.

Protection you won't even know.

Due to the high quality material and the special workmanship we guarantee protection you won't even notice. You can test whether your cards can be read out contactlessly with the help of simple apps.

Which places are protected against contactless reading?

We place particular emphasis on invisible protection that does not affect our design. Therefore, our products are protected against non-contact reading. If not mentioned otherwise in the product description, all card slots are RFID / NFC proteced.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@bullazo.de

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