BULLAZO originated from Matthias's intention.

During his training as a bank clerk, he became aware of the fact that business dress codes are prescribed in many professions, but are not lived properly. There was a lack of timeless accessories that were stylish and, at the same time, modern and untroubled to match the individual business and leisure look.

While studying business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, he successfully founded a DJ service and worked for a start up in Hamburg. At the same time he started to market his own products on Amazon. Starting as an idea in the shared room, BULLAZO gradually developed as an independent brand. In May 2015 he officially founded the company BULLAZO, which is now located in the heart of Münster.

Matthias has successfully completed his Master's degree at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. He is the company's implementer and pragmatist, ensuring rapid development and a good mood. His motto: DO SOMETHING, HAVE A TRY! He is a passionate grill master and gin drinker.

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Carina has been an integral part of BULLAZO since August 2016.

She learned entrepreneurship and thinking not only in the semester at Swinburne University in Melbourne through various entrepreneurship courses, but also at her own parental company.

In addition to her master's degree in International Marketing & Sales at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, she is particularly familiar with product management in the large corporation, retail sales and all aspects of customer management from her practical experience.

Not only for studying, but also privately Carina likes to explore the world and is one of the people who rarely sits still. Through her experience she provides international, professional and creative input. With enthusiasm for a simple, modern look and a love of detail, she is constantly working to develop BULLAZO further, but never loses sight of the organisation, analysis and finances. She has a passion for pizza and wine.

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Franzi is responsible for marketing communication at BULLAZO and is in charge of content strategy, social media channels and brand management. With her open and cheerful manner and a special eye for photography, video and design, she quickly took on a very important role in our team.

Franzi is also always on the move in her spare time. Playing tennis, taking city trips in Germany or strolling through Italian lanes - she hardly sits still. You can make them happy with sushi. A true bundle of energy with many ideas!

E: | T: 0251-203 191 33 




Frederik Donner BULLAZO Team Münster

In addition to his master's degree in International Marketing and Sales at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, Frederik supports us with his quick comprehension, initiative and commitment in the areas of marketing and sales.

In his spare time Frederik likes to get his hands dirty when screwing and doing do-it-yourself work as well as various sports in nature. A real all-rounder with a lot of enthusiasm!







Are you looking for an enthusiast with a rousing, open mind? We'd like to introduce Jana. With her studies in communication management and her international practical experience, Jana is the perfect press officer for BULLAZO.

In addition to press work, Jana is involved in other exciting and creative BULLAZO projects. How about closing time? Jana is passionate about cooking and eating, especially sushi. In summer she likes to play tennis or stick her nose in a book which she can hardly put out of her hand.

E: | T: 0251-203 191 32

Ulrike Kuch



In addition to her communication studies at the WWU Münster, Ulli supports the eCommerce and Marketing department at BULLAZO. Prior to her studies, Ulli worked at an event agency in Berlin and was able to increase her own stress resistance several times over during her time there. Since then she has mastered every stressful situation with a lot of calm and composure.

In her spare time, Ulli has a passion for creativity: sewing, handicrafts or other DIY projects. There's always something about her that can be either redesigned or recreated. As soon as she has more time, Ulli takes advantage of every opportunity to travel - places where you can surf are especially welcome.

E: | T: 0251-203 191 30




Anna always manages to put the many ideas of Matthias and Carina on paper and put them into form in an ingenious way. She studied fashion management at the HBZ Münster and is responsible for product design at BULLAZO. At the same time, she also takes care of the social media channels, especially Pinterest and Instagram..




Already discovered our newest team member?

Thyra is responsible for cuddling and food destruction. With her open and cuddly manner she sneaked right into our hearts. When she is with us, her daily routine consists of a lot of bad things, but we suspect that this is a tactic, because if you don't watch for a minute, you leave food somewhere. The vacuum cleaner from the service then runs at full speed and is quick as lightning.

During her lunch break, she is happy to chase other team members outside and take a ride in the beautiful cathedral.

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