Winter blues - tips for more motivation in the office

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Winter blues - tips for more motivation in the office

Every year the winter seems to be never ending again. The days are darker, shorter and colder. 

Everyone is still in a festive mood until Christmas and enjoy the first snowflakes. However, this can quickly change with the turn of the year: At the end of January at the latest, when the last snow lovers have come from skiing holidays, the longing for spring becomes ever greater. However, this is usually a long time coming and the sun rarely peeps out behind the clouds. 

For many people it means: Hello winter blues! 

Winter blues - what is it?

The technical term for the winter blues is Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD for short. Meanwhile, many people feel exhausted, listless and depressed. This is due to the lack of sunlight, which causes our body to release little of the happiness hormone serotonin. In contrast, more melatonin is released, a hormone that makes you tired. No wonder that motivation and productivity can also suffer greatly in everyday work.

It's better not to wait until this lack of drive disappears again with the onset of spring. It's already done!

This year we're ready to face the winter blues and we've made ourselves smart. However, tips against the winter blues can be found on the internet and you will soon lose your overview.

Tips against the winter blues - Business Edition

We want to make it as easy as possible for you, which is why we have selected the three best tips for you. We are not only convinced of them, but have also tried them all ourselves. And we can say: These three tips definitely help!


#1 Winter blues farewell with breakfast at the workplace

Since it is usually already dark in winter after work, we simply turn the skewer around. How about a little before-work brunch in the office? On the one hand, this takes place in daylight and on the other hand, there is a good opportunity to exchange ideas about the next trip into the warmth.

Our recommendation for Before-Work-Brunch? Fresh fruit and healthy breakfast snacks - that gives you plenty of vitamins and doesn't even make you feel guilty. In our opinion, there is no better way to start the working day.

Alternatively, a small breakfast can be included in the next morning meeting. At the last BULLAZO strategy meeting we had croissants with jam and fresh fruits. Through this small boost, we employees were much more productive and the ideas more imaginative. You will soon be able to see the results on our social media channels Facebook or Instagram.

Ps.: Of course, there is nothing wrong with an after-work drink and it also cheers up the mood :)

#2 Winter depression - challenge with creativity

This is where your ingenuity is called for and you can let your imagination run wild. Brainstorme with your team or colleagues creative ideas for a new project. It could be anything - from setting up a new product line, pitching a new customer to redesigning your office.

Find a project or theme that inspires you and gives you joy. Set goals to realize your heart project before the warm weather arrives! People who enjoy their work are more efficient, healthier and generally improve their quality of life.

We at BULLAZO therefore try to use the time of the winter blues to develop and advance new products. This means that you can work towards something and, at best, have a finished new product in your hand just in time for spring. What more could you ask for?

Our result from this winter is the relaunch of our iPad cover, which is available now.


#3 Combating winter blues with vitamin D

Who doesn't know it? The first rays of sunshine in the year are there and you sit in the office and can watch from inside. Nothing there! Use the lunch hour to get some fresh air. Dress warmly, take a short walk and enjoy the sunbeams. The brain is supplied with oxygen and can therefore work better. It will certainly be easier for you to complete your tasks after the lunch break.

If you pass a flower shop, be sure to buy some flowers for the office. The more varieties and colours, the better. Fresh flowers at the desk do not only give something for the eye, but also bring a fragrance from spring to the workplace.

For the extra portion of summer, get a scoop of ice cream. Our two press ladies, Jana and Ulli, recently tried it out and found it extremely pleasant. You'll see how well it works afterwards.


And if nothing helps?

Just stay at home! At BULLAZO we advocate a "bonus day" that can be used when nothing is possible anymore and you just want to hide in bed. Sometimes you should treat yourself to this one day and it's ok if you stay in bed and just don't do anything. This means that you can recharge your batteries and get a full start in the following days.

In the best case, such a day of inaction leads to the next major master plan. Boredom creates creativity, as we all know, and anyone who can let his or her thoughts run free for a day may well come up with completely new ideas.

But be careful! This tag may only be redeemed once and should definitely not occur more often.

How do you fight the winter blues during the dark season? Do you have any other helpful tips and tricks? We are looking forward to it!

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