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Engraving [noun: practice that lends personality to things]

Have you ever wondered why engraving stands for personality and individuality? We'll take you on a little journey of naming philosophy! Engraving has always been closely associated with the name. So when a name is engraved, something is given a symbolic meaning. What does the name have to do with symbolic meaning now? Goethe already recognized that your name is your personal trademark:

"The proper name of a human being is not like a coat hanging around him and which can only be plucked and pulled, but a perfectly fitting dress, even like the skin itself, which has grown over and over him and which must not be scraped and cut."

engraving personal gift individual gift

Engraved presents stand for personality

So when we have something engraved with a name , we are expressing more than the individual letters seem to indicate - engraving also stands for the recognition and appreciation of a person. Especially at Christmas there is a perceived sensory overload - everything can be a potential gift and is somehow not good enough because it doesn't fit the recipient or doesn't say anything about your relationship with them. With a personal engraved gift, functional design, high-quality workmanship and personality are combined to create the perfect gift.

How does engraving work at all? Daniel is our master engraver and knows exactly how to do it. He gives you a little insight into the art of engraving - because we can speak from experience when we say that such an engraving is not such an easy matter. Daniel has spent many hours mastering the centuries-old engraving technique.

Daniel, how does engraving work? What can you engrave? (…)
Before I engrave, of course I first look for the so-called patrices, i.e. the letters according to the order. The individual patrices are put together to a block and clamped. In principle, you can engrave anything, from initials to names to short sayings. At the moment I often engrave wallets and mobile phone cases.

How does the engraving process work?
It is very important that the product is centered. The letters are then heated and pressed with feeling onto the corresponding product. If someone wants a gold or silver engraving, a gold or silver paper is placed between the letters and the product. Depending on which product is engraved, I also need a higher or lower temperature for the engraving. You only learn this with time - here, experience rather than skill plays a role.

This brings us directly to the next question: who should receive an engraved gift?

Personal gifts are for people you care about. Who could be more dear to your heart than your family? Whether an individualised wallet for the mother, a business card case with engraving for the father, the personalised mobile phone case for the friend or an engraved passport case for the girlfriend, and of course not to forget the siblings: with an engraving you express that they are your favourite people!

What should one give to the boss? Many people ask themselves this question anew every year. Whether business partners, lawyers, doctors: How about an engraved business card case, an individual passport cover or a personal leather document folder?

Your best friend: do you like to travel together? Then an individual passport case is the perfect gift! Your friend worked hard on his or her goals last year? An engraved leather document case could express your appreciation.

engraving personal gift individual gift

Of course we hope very much that we could bring you a little bit further in the annual question of the questions. And of course we also hope that the answer this year will be the personally engraved gift! Your BULLAZO team wishes you a happy giving and a Merry Christmas!

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