Pack your business card portfolio and head to the business meeting in South Korea!

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South Korea is one of countries of our #WM playgroup as we now had to experience painfully with their 2:0 victory. Why shouldn't we take this opportunity to learn something about this country of superlatives? The capital Seoul with its impressive 10,103,233 inhabitants is one of the largest conurbations in the world and will certainly trigger a small culture shock for one or the other.

Of course, we are particularly interested in what the business world in South Korea is like, what courtesies are there and which business etiquette?

Businessmeeting South Korea Business Card Case 


This philosophical world view lies in the centuries-old tradition of the country and describes a way of thinking in which respect for old age, the principle of seniority and a strong hierarchy are pronounced. What does that mean in the business world? At business meetings, one always speaks with the same rank in the hierarchy chain, the principle of "Older First" instead of "Ladies First" applies for greetings and the national contacts are above the international ones.

Businessmeeting South Korea Business Card Case

Business Dining

Koreans like to eat in elevated areas, where the shoes have to be taken off in any case (and it goes without saying that the socks have no holes). The guests place themselves on cushions around the table; it is considered unfriendly to stretch out their feet to the other person. The eldest of the group starts eating. Typical, and certainly nothing new, are the rice dishes of Asian cuisine, which are eaten with chopsticks. They can cause a European some difficulties, so why not do a few practice sessions at home beforehand? It is a huge NO-GO to leave the chopstick in a bowl of rice - this is only common at funeral ceremonies as a memorial of sacrifice. As far as drinking habits are concerned, it should be noted in South Korea that people do not replenish themselves. It belongs here to the general form of politeness that one refills oneself mutually and stretches out the glass with both hands to its opposite as a sign of gratitude. When toasting, your own glass should not exceed that of the oldest in the group. It's also common not to look each other in the eye when you're toasting.


Businesscards & Greetings

A must-have during the business stay in South Korea as a guest are a chic business card case filled all over with business cards. These are highly rated in the country of the tiger state for the following reason: as already indicated one tries to always be able to negotiate with a decision maker on the same level in a country influenced by Confucianism. The business card makes it much easier to classify the other person and is therefore also used to start a conversation. By the way, you greet each other here first with your last name followed by your first name. It is also not uncommon to mention the full title in the greeting. A business card case with personal engraving is therefore also suitable as a welcome gift, killing two birds with one stone: A functional gift for a host and the appreciation of the title!

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