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Who thinks about it longer, should actually come to the conclusion that wallets have many requirements to fulfil - they should be functional, keep our money safe, give us an overview and also look nice. Many women like to go out without an extra clutch and change the way their wallets work. For a gentleman, it is particularly important that the wallet embodies style and elegance.

And yet we all have this one friend or this one girlfriend or may possibly count ourselves among the people whose purse is far from stylish, modern and elegant. So this blog post is just for these people! We introduce you to our leather wallets, show that you can give them as gifts for your loved ones or just for yourself!

Leather Wallet for Women - Our GALANO Collection

Especially in the pre-Christmas season and also after New Year many dates are lined up; Christmas parties, year-end parties, the common visit of the Christmas market and innumerable restaurant visits - and all this beside the normal workload. It can happen that you get ready for the evening at work. Our GALANO Collection has the right model for every type of woman. The simple elegance and minimalist design are perfectly suited to transform the exclusive ladies' wallet into a clutch. The GALANO Classic wallet and the GALANO Plaza offer enough space to store your smartphone. Our GALANO Mini is suitable for a spontaneous stroll in the city or at the Christmas market because it can be quickly stowed in your jacket pocket and therefore no extra bag is necessary. The new colour palette is completely new in this collection. A leather wallet in coral red as a little fashionable eye-catcher is just the right thing for the otherwise discreet winter colours. 

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Mens Leather Wallet - Our FINO Collection

The top commandment for the design of the men's collection is "Slim, Smart, Sexy" - nobody wants a purse that bulges out their trouser pocket, one that takes 10 minutes to find the right card or money, or a purse that bursts at the seams and is completely deformed. This is where our FINO Collection comes in: the finest leather, an ultra-flat design with functional division for easy access and harmonious leather colours for an elegant appearance. While our FINO Classic comes with a banknote clip, the FINO Discreta comes with an extra banknote compartment. The FINO Urban is the smallest leather wallet among them - it is compact, combines all the functions that a wallet should have and yet allows 10 cards, banknotes and coins through a well thought-out layout. If you're still looking for the cherry on the cake, you'll also be looking for the color-matching iPhone case for your wallet.
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Our Material - finest Cowhide

All our purses are made of the finest cowhide leather. Once you have one of our leather products in your hand, you will recognize the pleasantly soft material again and again. Over time, the surface develops its own patina. Because this is a natural product, no wallet has the same pattern - each piece is unique.

FRID Protection

Let's get to functionality - one function that all our wallets have integrated is their RFID protection. Most people probably wonder what that means. RFID is a frequency on which data can be read. Contactless numbers, for example, work with this frequency. So anyone who has a reader can read personal data and steal data without being asked. The integrated function of our wallets blocks this frequency and thus protects against data theft. Only when you deliberately pull your card out of your wallet can you release it for contactless payment.

Wallets as a gift

We know the stress that Christmas and the search for gifts can cause you. With our leather wallets you can kill two birds with one stone: a functional, useful, long-lasting gift for every day, which can become a very personal gift with an individual engraving. We wish you a lot of fun with your gift, no matter which product will win the race at the end. Merry Christmas!

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