How to plan a trip - BULLAZO's tips and tricks

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Have you already planned your next trip? Not yet? Then this blog post is the best preparation for you. Because if we're honest - at the end of the day, a little stress mixes with the anticipation of your holiday.We have compiled the best frequent flyer hacks for you.

From travel planning to tips and tricks how to make your trip easier.

travel hacks travel advice travel preparations

Travel Preparations

Who likes to throw money out the window? You will usually find the cheapest fares two to three months before your flight. But there are also a few things you can keep in mind when searching yourself. In principle, it's quite simple - you should be aware that a ticket is cheap when demand is relatively low, i.e. you should ask yourself when fewer people want to fly. And see, this is usually during the week and usually night flights or late evening flights are cheaper because most people prefer to fly during the day. Also compare different departure and arrival ports and consider stopovers if possible. If you search on several days one after the other or on different websites, make sure that you surf incognito and delete the cookies each time you leave the website. Often search engines match their results when they notice that you are particularly interested in a certain flight. Once you have decided on a flight, you might want to risk a visit to the airline's website first. Sometimes you can get the flight cheaper there. And if it's not too important to you, then we recommend that you don't make any seat reservations, because as you know, they cost airline companies a little. 

survivalkit airplane cosmetic bag cosmetig pouch

Flight Tips

There are hardly any more annoying people than those who want to enjoy a window seat on the plane, but still have to get up every five minutes to get their hand luggage on. So that you don't motivate to this person, we suggest that you think about what you need in your place while packing at home. Carina, co-founder of BULLAZO, uses her COSMO cosmetic bag for this purpose and uses it as a travel kit: "I simply use it as an organizer - in it I store important medication for the flight, headphones, the most necessary cosmetic articles such as lip balm, chewing gum, my Kindle, a mouse for my laptop, pens, a small pad for notes, USB sticks and so on. So everything is handy and easy to reach, but it takes up little space and I don't have a big bag in front of my feet all the time. For fun, I always call it my airplane survival kit."

travel hacks travel advice travel preparations

Travel tips for the plane

To keep your stress level low, it makes sense to wait at the gate until the snake has disintegrated and then leave. If you haven't made a reservation, you'll be the last guest to see where fewer people are sitting. So you might also find a row that is completely empty. If you do make a reservation, then there is a higher probability that your neighbour's seat will remain free in the back rows. If possible, you should go to the toilet on the plane before the service, because then the aisle is empty. Afterwards queues form in front of the toilet. You are almost always last when the food is distributed and the choices have been limited to one dish? Then next time find a place at the other end of the kitchen. The stewardesses always start handing the meals out in the opposite direction to the kitchen and work their way forward.

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