How to overcome procrastination

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"Not because it's hard, we don't dare, but because we don't dare, it's hard." - Seneca. The list of tasks to be done is long, the day is long, and yet at the end of the day, only the list has not shortened. Our ambitions turn into a guilty conscience, which nests itself in the back of our heads and becomes more gnawing with every further day and yet finally pushes the hurdle further up.

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If we want to reach for the stars, we have to stop fattening our fear to fail, our fear to start, because it makes us heavy and keeps us on the ground. There are a few proven tricks to deal with these issues and to live in every way a richer life.

It starts with controlling your time management, writing a realistic to-do list and identifying priorities. It even makes sense to write this list the evening before, to start the next day at a certain time - and really punctually. The most important tasks are done first.

We recommend the "Twentysevenweeks" notebook, which ensures more focus and organization with its ToDo list structure. There is also a weekly plan, with which you can divide the tasks into days and enter appointments.

It has also been proven that low pressure imposed on us by deadlines has a positive effect on our time management. You can set them yourself and they should be realistic. Under all circumstances, frustration should be avoided here.

By the way: The smaller the blocks in which you divide your tasks, the more you have the feeling to move forward, the more often the satisfying experience will be to tick off a point. A wonderful feeling!

There are no rules of thumb at what time of day your rhythm accelerates or slows down. But you probably know the phases of your personal peak performance and can put your work confidently in this time window. In these phases it is advisable to complete the most difficult tasks, while for the other, less demanding tasks a smaller amount of concentration is sufficient.

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Pomodoro Technique

Are you familiar with the Pomodoro technique? Using a to-do list, you work through your tasks in blocks of 25 minutes, in which you avoid distractions, concentrate only on this one task - again, monotasking instead of multitasking - and then take a short break of five minutes, in which you best get up and move around a bit. Repeat this and take a longer break of 20 minutes after the fourth block. This short time unit is more attractive than the big eight-hour ghost, which swallows our day waving and not wanting to end, without leaving any sense of achievement or the feeling of self-efficiency. In addition, we try to run with the time window of 25 minutes around the bet. The motivation to accomplish our task during this period increases.

Ciao Perfectionism

Failure isn't really bad, it's worse not to have tried. Perfectionism can be the biggest brake. A first rough sentence is always better than an empty line, a wrong start is at least a way that can be ruled out. This is also possible with disciplined elimination of distractions: mobile phone in flight mode or right out of sight and with a lot of positive energy just start first.

A tip at the end: what if we "work", "malochen", "work" and "swot" instead of "work", try "to shoulder something", "to swing" or "to rock it".

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