From the life of a travel wallet

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„Clothes make the man“ is a well-known saying and everyone immediately gets its meaning.

Have you ever thought what our clothes, our accessories would say about us, would they have a voice? Admittedly - a very abstruse thought, but somehow minty. We take you to the life of a PLANO passport case on a trip to Sweden with its owner Henry.

From the life of Henry's PLANO Passport Organizer:

First of all: It's not so much boasting as the fact that I'm the most important travel companion for Mr. Henry. As far as my outward appearance is concerned, I am exactly what people mean when they talk about clothes make the man: I am so convincing that Henry adorns himself with me to take advantage of my attractiveness. But before making hasty judgments about Henry and his selfishness, a few words to Henry: Henry is a fine guy and actually quite smart - of course, not as smart as me, but still a clever little head. At the age of 30, he is about to take his next career leap and will be able to prove himself on this upcoming business trip to Sweden as a management consultant for a rather well-known company from Düsseldorf. The fact that we both belong together can be recognized by the fact that he honoured me with the honour of bearing his name; on the day of our 'wedding' (the day of my order) I got his initials through a personal engraving. But not only that, internally we tick the same: mostly we are both very tidy and organized (I am a little more than him, but that's why I am also the perfect travel companion). 

That's what I have to say about travelling with Henry:

We were doing pretty well in time. Henry waited neatly dressed in his dark blue Hugo Boss suit outside the front door for the taxi to take him to the airport. I was in the breast pocket of my jacket. I had stored all the important documents - I have space for tickets, credit cards, notes and bills. As always, we also mastered the check-in well. But that's nothing unusual, we are a well-rehearsed team and I always find it funny when I see the other people at the airport: there are the hectic ones, rummaging around in their pockets, the ones that constantly reassure themselves, the depth-relaxed, the haphazard and the do-you-know-where-questioners. What type is the PLANO owner? A PLANO owner does not dig around at the counter before check-in, gesticulate strongly in all directions or arguing with airport staff. The PLANO owner enters the airport building deeply relaxed; in one hand his passport cover, in the other the handle of the suitcase. The way goes purposefully to the information board, from there to the check-in and directly into the plane. That's what it looked like for both of us. And as for the nice lady at the counter, whenever she sees me and Henry, she always seems to jump for joy inside. At least her widening smile gives me every reason to do so. I wonder if it's because we're always so organized or because Henry gives a great picture together with me? I will let my vanity speak here and plead for the latter. 

What do you think your passport case would say about you? From experience we can say that they would like us to use them more often. So where does the next trip go?

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