Classics Reloaded: Classics Reloaded: Our leather portfolio case DOCUMENTO I CLASSIC und PLAZA

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Spring slowly but surely breaks through the grey days, the sun appears more often, our spring feelings awaken. We are again more often outside in the fresh air, more in motion, take the bicycle or go on foot to miss nothing of the first sunbeams. Clothing becomes lighter and also the need for lighter luggage increases.

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” Giorgio Amani


A stylish addition to the usual business equipment that can replace a heavy and cumbersome briefcase on one way or another in a meeting or to a customer is our exquisite selection of document folders made of high-quality cowhide leather. 
We do not want to decorate ourselves with foreign feathers, because the development of this forgotten classic does not go back to us but far into the past. Today it finds at least its functional use in its most rudimentary, admittedly somewhat tasteless sister - the folder: To protect, store and organize documents from ugly creases and stains. The representative added value that minimalist design and high-quality materials can add goes far beyond this. 

@nenakay out and about in the sun with our DOCUMENTO PLAZA

Top quality cowhide leather for a flawless appearance

Leather is a natural product and therefore not always the same. Big differences are noticeable from animal species to animal species, but sometimes also the skins of different breeds differ clearly. Even with animals of the same age, same sex, same nutrition and attitude the result is unpredictable up to a certain point. The skin forgets nothing. Not a scar, not a mosquito bite. We process cowhide leather of particularly high quality to ensure a lasting shine and a pleasant softness of the products. As a symbol for professional appearance, whether in a meeting or job interview, it leaves a lasting impression. 

classics in black: DOCUMENTO PLAZA

Engraving Option

BULLAZO fans are already familiar with our engraving service, with which our leather products can also be embossed in gold, silver or colourless. As a gift for the start of your career or as a personalized attention among entrepreneurs with names, initials, slogans or even with the logo of your contract partner in case of a larger edition, the document folder cuts a good figure and will always remain in your memory.

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