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Are resolutions really a waste of time? Yes, some say: "If I haven't managed to do more sports, be more patient, have more free time or eat healthier food the whole last year, then I don't have to start with the new one either. Why should I? Only to get another confirmation that I am too inconsistent, too lazy, simply a couch potato? No, thanks! Others are of the opinion that a new year doesn't have to start in order to change something. Every other day should be reason enough for it.

Why then do we do it over and over again? What is this tradition all about?

This recurring ritual goes back to the ancient Romans. Every year on New Year's Day they celebrated the God of a new beginning, Janus, in a ceremony. That January is named January does not come from somewhere. This God had two faces - one that looks into the past and one that looks into the future. So when we make resolutions, it is always a conscious reflection of the past. Thus self-optimization is not a trend of modern times, but also the Romans have already done this in a weakened form. But where does this desire to improve oneself come from? Psychologists believe that two factors are responsible for this: 1. a certain degree of perfectionism that every human being possesses (admittedly - some more, others less) and a tendency to compare oneself with others. By comparing ourselves, we see where we stand, what we are good at and what we are not good at. Our self-esteem depends on it. Basically, a New Year's resolution is nothing more than an attempt to improve self-esteem.

So are New Year's resolutions useless?

No, we do not agree. They only show that the last year has been reviewed and that we are ready to work on ourselves in the New Year. Of course, it is true - a new year does not necessarily have to start for that, this insight should come more often. And yet, which time is better? And sometimes it's the will that counts and not the final result.

Hands On!

Maybe we should start with the things that are really on the hot list: in 2019 the headlights should be directed at two new products. Our business backpack BOB will soon appear in a Kickstarter campaign and we are very excited about how it will be received. The smart business backpack stands more than ever for what BULLAZO embodies: noble, classic design and high functionality. It is made for dynamic business people who want to get from one airplane to the next, for urban freethinkers who cycle through the city or for family people who balance children and work.  Already in 2018 we could carry out a successful Kickstarter campaign with our FINO Urban and now we think it's time to think big.
The second product is an exclusive sales folder- the ulterior motive is that documents for important presentations or proclamations do not have to be held in the hand, but can be presented comfortably with the noble leather folder in the hand. Practical, isn't it?

Hygge means as much as well-being - we want more of that

Of course it is important for us to make progress on the market level and to further develop ourselves as a company in the international market. It is therefore all the more important that everyone pulls together to achieve these goals. Often you notice that the personal level falls by the wayside because of all the work. We at BULLAZO have therefore set ourselves the goal of holding at least one team evening every month.  The Danish philosophy of life Hygge takes up this thought - positivity through cosiness, relaxed atmosphere and get-togethers.


Last but not least, we also think about what set you back last year and why there were difficulties. Our motto: Which StartUp can claim that all deadlines were met for the most part? To be honest, of course we are also affected. That is why another resolution for this year is that we want to better meet our deadlines. What can be done to make this happen? 1. Mutual control and more intensive internal communication can help us to stick better to agreements. 2. Divide a larger project into small steps so that they seem more "manageable".
And what remains to be said last? Maybe you need to change the definition of resolution a bit so that this tradition doesn't get a whiff of failure and defeat. Intent can also mean attempt. And trying something is far better than not trying from the beginning, isn't it?

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