Personal Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is just around the corner. We don't need to say that twice. Most people are super stressed at this time of year to find the perfect presents. But why do we stress at all? Why do we need THE perfect gift for everyone?

Christmas is about love and affection.

Personal Christmas Gifts - BULLAZOS helps with Christmas Stress

With gifts you want to make others happy. Sometimes a gift means a big thank you - thank you for always being there for me this year; thank you for forgiving all my little and big mistakes; thank you for your patience! That's why it's so difficult to find a special gift that expresses exactly that - sometimes it robs us of our last nerve!

Personal Gifts

We want the Christmas season to remain peaceful for you. To prevent you from this stress, we have put together a small gift guide. Maybe there is something that you like and want to give away. We mainly focus on gifts with engraving, because this is the best way to express your personality. Whether Christmas gifts for the woman or a present for the man, or in addition, Christmas gifts for firm customers - we hope, we have something thereby for all.

1. The brand new cosmetic bag COSMO is big and it fits everything that man or woman needs when travelling, but also in everyday life. Admittedly - this is rather a gift for her, but we are sure that your girlfriend would be very happy about it.

3. How about a document folder for your colleague, as a thank you for the great cooperation? The DOCUMENTO document cover is practical and important documents are optimally protected. It's also a stylish eye-catcher.

4. Do you have a friend who likes to travel? With a passport cover, you'll help him or her stay organized on all his or her travels. So the traveler always has all documents at hand.

Presents for Men

5. Everyone knows it! Your own father of course wants "nothing" and your friend says "You don't need to give me anything! One wants to prepare however nevertheless a joy, but so correctly one does not fall also not what one can give! Here's our idea for an exclusive men's gift: The purse FINO CLASSIC for men can use everyone. It is ultraflat and fits in every trouser pocket. On top of that, the wallet looks elegant and stylish with the modern money clip.

6. Maybe there's still the certain extra missing! Our master engraver Daniel engraves all our products according to your wishes and thus makes them a very personal present. It doesn't matter whether it is a name, the initials of the person receiving the gift or an insider. You can also have sayings like "Feel loved" or "Merry Christmas" engraved. Get creative! Have a look at our last blog. There we explain exactly how we engrave.

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