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Cover, which:    Something in which something is wrapped or covered.

Something that is intended for the storage of objects and adapts to their shape and tightly wrapped around them.

This is how the Duden describes a shell. Definitions like these provide us with an anchor, a basic framework - in short, the basis.

Never change a winning team.


BULLAZO has developed a new definition of a shell after a long period of basic work. Result: The new MENOR series of iPhone 7 leather backcover covers. The three pillars of the BULLAZO philosophy - quality, style and functionality - have remained decisive.


The new MENOR CLASSIC leather case for iPhone 7 features improved leather quality in the usual minimalistic design, which adapts effortlessly to the classic iPhone style. The special highlight: the soft inner material of the back cover made of microfibre. Especially in summer and during holidays, small grains of sand often gather between the case and the iPhone and cause small scratches. The new soft material on the inside prevents this from happening.


Teamplayer functionality is particularly important in the design of the MENOR URBAN leather case. This iPhone 7 leather case with its map pocket is perfectly matched to today's urban lifestyle. Everything that should be ready to hand at the man/woman finds optimal and stylistically safe space in the card compartment. Let it be the bank/credit card, the identity card or the business card - MENOR URBAN makes it possible

Back to the roots.

Münster is the birthplace of BULLAZO and in the heart of the Westphalian city, even two years after its foundation, the office with the typical BULLAZO BULL is still located on the bell signboard.

On the inside of the MENOR leather covers, BULLAZO's home heart will find a special place! A special highlight for Münsterans, jovel designed!

Back to the roots, back to the beginning. Von-Vincke-Strasse 5-7 interprets classic stylistic elements in a modern and functional way.


BULLAZO defines.

MENOR cover, the: Something that fits perfectly to the iPhone 7 & captivates with its simple, functional design that takes Münster out into the world.

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