Etiquette for the office: Do’s & Don’ts at the After Work Party

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There's something to celebrate and the staff meets in a trendy bar to celebrate. Especially young professionals occasionally feel insecure: How do you behave when the pretty colleague from the marketing department is winking at you with a glass of sparkling wine? What is the best way to take advantage of the opportunity to network if employees from other companies are also present? Do you take off your jacket at the After Work Party or will it only be possible if your superior loosens the tie? We have put together the dos and don'ts for the after-work party!

Do: Keep private things to yourself

In today's business world, it is becoming more and more important to have a good relationship with colleagues in private life. After Work Parties in pubs and bars are a good opportunity to get to know the office neighbors better. But partying or not: You're still in a professional environment at the After Work Event. Talking about difficult personal topics is out of place here, even if you suddenly feel like friends instead of "just" among colleagues. This is the wrong place to pour your heart out. So keep dark themes and intimate stories to yourself.

Don’t: Talk badly about others

We all know it: just now, the third glass of wine makes you talk heartily about the boss, and he suddenly stands behind you. Hard luck! The same applies to talking about colleagues or employees of other companies. After all, you never know who in the industry is networked with whom and how. Whoever breaks his mouth at an after-work party makes a very bad impression.


Do: Dress properly 

An After Work Party is not an occasion to appear in a black dress coat, nor is it an occasion to get the ball gown out of the wardrobe. As a rule, Smart Casual is the order of the day, which menas elegant, upscale casual wear (we've already reported on that). In ladies' fashionable jeans and t-shirt or casual blouse with blazer. Instead of a huge handbag, go for a smaller, discreet handbag. 

The men leave the jacket in the office and come with a light sweater instead. A narrow leather wallet, such as the FINO Mini from BULLAZO, fits perfectly with this, and men can easily stow it away in their trouser pockets.

Don’t: Only talk about work

After Work Parties are just that: after work. At this time no one wants to report long and wide about the difficulties of the current assignment or to discuss the company's situation in a professional way - no one wants to do that anymore. Instead, small talk and amusing chats are the order of the day to lighten the mood. But don't touch all too dirty jokes - they are not appropriate in this environment either.


Don’t: Drink oneself into oblivion

Having to many drinks may seem like a good idea on the evening of the party, but on the next day not only the hangover will punish you: your professional reputation will also be badly damaged. Sociable drinking is alright, but only as long as you are theoretically fit to drive (it goes without saying that you take a taxi anyway).


By the way: If instead the boss had too much drinks, it's better to get out of the frying pan in time. There are sometimes bosses who leave out their bad mood over their own embarrassing appearance at those who witnessed the whole story. 

Do: Mingle with the people

Even though the office colleagues are now good friends, you shouldn't cling to them like a castaway on a piece of driftwood. Company celebrations are also there to get to know employees from other departments and strengthen the internal network, especially for young professionals. It is not uncommon to meet employees of other companies or potential customers in trendy clubs and pubs - now it's time to network. Even potential business partners are happy to enjoy an after-work party. Especially as a start-up, this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen personal contact with business angels and investors. Ideally, you should have an elegant business card case made of leather in your pocket, for example Contacto from Bullazo - this looks particularly professional.


Don’t: Flirting

The After Work Party is not a singles exchange, even if this one colleague gets a little nicer with every glass of wine. Offensive flirting within the company sends out completely false signals. It's a little different if you celebrate with colleagues in a bar or a pub and, for example, if the employees of other companies are present. As long as you are not in close professional contact with each other, you can keep a good eye on one or the other party guest. But caution with one's own office colleagues. 

Do: Have fun!

Before you squeeze in the corner like a party brake, stick to the most important commandment: After Work Parties should also be fun! Use the opportunity to meet your colleagues from a new side, to strengthen the ties in the office and to expand your professional network - this sometimes opens up undreamt-of doors for your professional future. In this way, the mood of the entire team increases in the long term.

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