RFID protection and leather goods and how BULLAZO protects your privacy

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You are busy and always on the run. It is given that you don't leave your wallet, smartphone and laptop unattended. Who wants their own precious things to get into the hands of strangers? We certainly don't. Therefore, we have set up the goal to protect your goods from foreign hands in the future, who want to steal your data and privacy. How BULLAZO takes responsibility for protecting you from data and identity theft can be found in the following blog post.

New technologies and trends are highly interesting and useful - but cautions are often required.

We have contact with RFID technologies on a daily basis, in industry and logistics, time recording or access control at work, in the supermarket, on toll roads or even in the library. Even our four-legged friends are chipped nowadays.

The aim is to provide data to optimize processes and improve security due to better controls. 

What is RFID?

Summing up, RFID - Radio Frequency Identification - is a technology that has become an integral part of our lives. In short, it is about contactless reading of data stored on the RFID chip. RFID chips are used in many areas of everyday life - but is it always safe when data can be read out contactlessly? 

Identification and contactless payment without PIN and signature

One trend has already been established in the USA, Australia and Sweden for quite a while and is increasingly being used in Germany. One example is the wireless payment systemMastercard's Paypass system. No PIN or signature is required for credit and bank cards with Paypass capability up to a certain amount. The current identification cards such as ID cards and passports also rely on RFID technologies to store the data.


A warning has been issued.

Everyone should be aware that increasing RFID technologies in everyday life increases the rate of data theft as well. Sometimes very simple reading devices are capable of reading the chalk card or ID card data from up to 5 meters away. We don't want to stir up fear, but we don't want to leave our wallets lying in the café unattended. There is therefore a call to provide adequate protection against data theft for your own privacy https://www.datenschutzbeauftragter-info.de/24821-2/ 

RFID technologies require responsible handling

Therefore, BULLAZO has made it its goal to assume responsibility for protection against data theft. Our customers are always on the run and live a dynamic lifestyle, running from meeting to meeting or from one project directly on the plane to the next customer. A big challenge, besides smartphones, laptops and tablet protection, is to think about protecting your bank and credit cards and ID cards.


BULLAZO would like to take up this challenge for you

The BULLAZO Team would like to protect your private data from data theft and identification theft. Therefore we will be implementing RFID protection for all our products with card slots in the future. The RFID-blocking material is built into our high-quality leather products - without having to choose between design and safety.

Our promise: invisible protection

Our new products such as the FINO MINI card case, the CONTACTO business card box and the PLANO MINI travel organizer already include the RFID protection feature.



Tell us if you have already received the topic RFID protection and how you judge the importance of RFID protection. We look forward to your comments.

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