Qi Mousepad
Qi Mousepad

QI Mousepads - wireless charging

It is not a rare phenomenon that disorder grows at the workplace with the hooks on the to-do lists. BULLAZO therefore kills two birds with one stone with its leather induction mousepad, which is equipped with a wireless charging system. Your smartphone is charged via QI and the tangle of cables at the workplace is made easier by a tool. With our engraving service it is also possible to personalize your Mousepad and makes it a perfect gift for the style and technology conscious business lifestyle for you and him.

The BULLAZO QI Wireless Charging Mousepad BASE Classic made of high-quality leather is a stylish all-rounder for every desk. The flat profile of the BULLAZO leather mousepad QI with integrated wireless charging function enables wireless charging of the smartphone or a QI-compatible device as well as precise, fast control of the mouse - an eye-catcher in...
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BULLAZO - Qi Mousepad

Wireless Charging Mousepads - slim design

We at BULLAZO believe in progress and that technology can and should make our lives easier. The QI Mousepad combines high-tech functionality with style and elegance in design. Minimalism is also the leitmotif here, which is reflected in black, high-quality leather and adds a stylish and useful gadget to your workspace.

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