iPad 9.7 from 201 5. Gen.

The IPad Pro 9.7 Protection Case - little helper for great performances

Higher, further, faster is often the principle of everyday business life. In order for us to be able to give our best every day, it requires not only willpower and perseverance, but also the support of our little helpers. We at BULLAZO have made it our mission to provide our products with a simple, minimalist and yet functional design. The Ipad Pro 9.7 features a combination of elegant leather case and practical smart cover. Features such as the placement function and additional card slots in the Ipad Pro 9.7 sleeve make it easier and more effective to work with the smart device. Especially in the office clean, high-quality products are in demand - the case as an accessory for your iPad Pro 9.7 is also a real eye-catcher in terms of appearance!
 The EXPERTO leather case for the Ipad Pro 9.7 provides a smart appearance with the device. The sleeve protects and perfectly captures the iPad's functionalities by using the Smart Case as a multifunctional business case. The cover with an elastic handle, card holders, pen holder and set-up function provides structure for immediate availability in...
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BULLAZO - iPad 9.7 from 201 5. Gen.

The Ipad Pro 9.7 Smart Case - the perfect partner

Why the Ipad Pro 9.7 Smart Case is right for you? Because we believe that elegant design and practical functions do not contradict each other. With the smart business case you don't have to choose between practical and chic any more, because the minimalist design in combination with high-quality materials fits perfectly to the business look. The cover made of fine cowhide leather is for all those who attach particular importance to stylish and durable accessories made of leather. So what do our leather cover and real businessmen and women have in common? They're both smart, so why not be a team?

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